Help! Something is wrong and I can't figure it out...

Story of this forum's life, right!?  Haha.

So here is my problem -- as I am composing, all of a sudden when I add an accent to a note, it doesn't playback with an accent.  I deleted the measure and tried again -- same problem.  I first thought maybe I hit something on my keyboard (Oxygen8 v) by mistake -- but I did a hard reset and that isn't an issue.  I checked to see if maybe I put some kind of text that might have triggered something but I didn't.  I have no idea whats up!  Anyone have a similar problem and know what to do to fix it?  It affects all staves (sn/ten/bass).  Weird!

I have Sibelius 6.2.0, using the 6.0a template, VDL 2.5.2, Windows Vista
Is this happening on every instrument? It'll be helpful to determine if the problem occurs anytime you load this VDL instrument in Kontakt Player, or if it only happens in your score. You can check this by loading the instrument into KP in standalone mode, and playing the notes in question at a variety of velocities. If the problem occurs this way, let me know which specific instrument has a problem and I can look into it.

If it's just the score, I wonder if there might be something going on with your template, sound set, or the instrument you've assigned to the staff in question. If it's one of these things, Hugh (from [url=]The Write Score[/url]) will probably have some suggestions on troubleshooting it and you might want to submit the question there. You might also want to check if it's a problem with your score, by opening a fresh, unused template and seeing if the same thing happens there.
Like Jim said, try a fresh score to see if you can duplicate the problem. Otherwise, I can probably take a look at the file in question.
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