Kontakt Player 4 for Mac?


I just got Sibelius 7.0.2 installed on my Macbook and I'm in the process of trying to get VDL set up in it to go along with it. As I'm reading some info on getting this set up, I believe I need to install Kontakt 4 to use it as a VST plugin. However, I see that Native Instruments has released Kontakt Player 5 and there are some compatibility issues with Sibelius on this version

Can I still get Kontakt 4 anywhere or is there a workaround to make Kontakt Player 5 work so I can begin using VDL2 in the same way I am currently using it for Sibelius 6?


Yeah - I have been on there asking questions and nobody seems to know or wanna help, plus I spent about 6 hours on that forum yesterday looking for answers.

I am now having the same problem that this other guy had is that when I try to change my playback configuration Kontakt player just freezes everything. 

Maybe I should go back and try running it in 32bit mode. 

Here's the link to the Sibelius Help site:

I was just taking a stab at a possible solution, I don't know if reinstalling the library would fix it or not. And the issue could be something wonky in the program itself. Have you searched or posted on the Sibelius chat?

If you were working on a PC, or if I wasn't Mac-less, I could be of more help to you right now, sorry.

How do I delete the library and the directory and should I just redo Sibelius 7 while I am at it!

I don't know exactly what causes that error, but I believe at least [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=4122.0]one other[/url] has had the same issue. I also don't know if he got it fixed or not. If I find out anything I'll let you know.

It's not going to hurt anything to delete the library directory and install new. Hopefully that'll get you going.
I did that initially but I accidentally hit the repair button for rewire under audio engine settings, and this is what is started doing.  Should I run that update again or do I have to reinstall everything?

Make sure you've applied the Sibelius 7 Sounds library update. Get it from the Sibelius site.

I figured it out. 

In Sibelius 6 you could just activate and deactivate devices and then rename that configuration.  In Sibelius 7 you have to create a new configuration and then activate devices, you can not activate and deactivate devices to an already existing play back configuration. 

I got the sounds to work and VDL up and running and then my sound sets crashed.  I got this message...

anyone got any ideas?

Thanks for the help

I opened Sibelius 7 in 32bit mode and went to play back configuration and everything is still grayed out.

I bought the Sibelius Disks, but when I got the disks I had a piece of paper in it saying that I needed to go to avid and download installers!  I did this but I never ran them I just but in my disks and loaded from there.  Do you think this might cause the devices to be grayed out.  Did I miss something?  I see Kontakt player 4 now, but I am not sure if I should uninstall Sibelius 7 and then reinstall everything with the installers from avids website?

If you want to run Sibelius 7 in 32-bit mode, select the application, then ";Get Info"; and check the box that says ";Open in 32-bit mode."; Once you do this, the next time you launch the application, it'll be running in 32-bit mode. Let us know how that works for you.
I figured out that I could still use Sibelius 6 while 7 is installed after I sent this email, but I figured I got to get 7 working.  Should I keep 6 installed or should i remove it at a later date?

I went into 7 after installing Kontakt 4.2.4 update and everything is grayed out on the left hand side under Devices.  Is this because I am running sibelius in 64 bit mode.  Do I need to run Sibelius in 32 bit mode?  If I need to do that how do I do that.  Do I have to do it with Kontakt player 4 also?

I am using the sibelius 6b template made by write score. 

Thanks Nick
When you install Sibelius 7, it doesn't overwrite Sibelius 6. So if you're in a time crunch with your project, you should be able to proceed with Sibelius 6 without any problems. The lesson? If everything's working fine, don't make major updates to new software in the middle of an important project! I've learned the same lesson myself, over and over... :)

For best results using VDL with OS X 10.7 Lion, use Kontakt Player 4.2.4 or Kontakt Player 5.

Sibelius 7.0.2 isn't currently compatible with Kontakt Player 5, however I think this is supposed to be addressed in an upcoming update - hopefully soon.

We received your support ticket, so you should have already seen that by now.
Did anyone find out where to get Kontakt player 4?  I have Kontakt player 2.2.4 and I just got 7 and I am in the middle of finishing up some percussion arrangements and now I can't finish it because It is not working.  Please someone!  Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I don't see any of the vst plugins like I did when I would open my playback devices back in sibelius 6?

I am using

Sibelius 7.0.2
VDL 2.5.2
Mac Book Pro 10.7.1
Intel i7

Please Help!


[quote author=joeyocorps link=topic=4121.msg21608#msg21608 date=1316669488]
Where do I get the latest version (4.2.4) of Kontakt Player 4... I CANNOT find it anywhere? I'm running lion and sib. 7.... cannot get VDL to work... or recognize... HELP!!!

Please submit a [url=https://www.tapspace.com/hesksupport/]support ticket[/url] and someone should be able to get you on track.
Where do I get the latest version (4.2.4) of Kontakt Player 4... I CANNOT find it anywhere? I'm running lion and sib. 7.... cannot get VDL to work... or recognize... HELP!!!
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