Sibelius 6 to Sibelius 7 scores

Has anyone had any issues trying to open a score written in Sibelius 6 within Sibelius 7?

I decided to wait until after finishing my band show to upgrade. Now that it is done, I'm simply trying to open and playback my score in Sibelius 7 but I'm having some issues with some of the brass patches loading and then Sibelius crashes.

Virtual Drumline doesn't appear to be the problem as the error messages seem to be dealing with trumpet and tuba sound patches. I'm using the 6.0b template.

I'm curious to know if I should try to reinstall the entire sound library in case something didn't install correctly or could this just be a bug in Sibelius? I haven't done much writing from a fresh score yet but from the bit I have been playing around, it looks like those instruments play back fine in a fresh score. Has anyone else come across this?


Hi Greg

What are you using for brass/wind sounds in your scores? What are the error messages?
Sorry, I've tried to attach documents and screen shots to assit but my browser didn't want to cooperate.

I use the standard Sibelius 6 essentials in Sib 6 and its currently set as the Sibelius 7 Sounds in Sib 7.

The gist of the error message I've gotten indicate that there was an error loading the sound patch. I haven't had time to sit and try to re-install the sound library yet since it is so large to see if that fixes it.

I also need to try to use the Sibelius 6 essentials sound set as well to see if that happens to work as well.
There's a Sibelius 7 Sounds library update available, are you using it? And yes, go ahead and try using Essentials inside Sib7 to see what that does.
It does play back fine when I switch to the Sibelius 6 essentials soundset.

I may try to reinstall the library for the 7 sound set as well since it doesn't appear that its a clean switch between the 6 and 7 sounds when trying to play the file created in 6.

I have applied the library update available from Sibelius so I have the most recent version running currently.
Sounds like something may have not gone quite right when you installed Sibelius 7 Sounds. Trying again may fix it up.
I'm still not sure what the issue is. I've reinstalled and re-updated the sounds library and it still happens on this specific score. I had copied the wind parts into the VDL template from an imported musicxml file that came from Finale.

I'm beginning to wonder if Sibelius doesn't like something that was input from that score in the trumpet and tuba voices. Possibly an articulation or a notehead from Finale that didn't import directly to Sibelius' standards in those voices. I think my next step might be trying to insert a new instrument and copying and pasting those parts into the new imported instrument to see if anything happens.
Musicxml, I'd say that's the culprit. Instead of importing directly into your VDL score, try bringing the musicxml into just a default Sibelius score. If it plays correctly there, then go ahead and copy/paste those parts into the main score. (Don't ";import";, just use the copy/paste method.)

Oh, are you still getting error messages?
Sorry if I wasn't clear ealier. That's exacttly what I did.

I had my VDL template open and set up with my instruments and then I added instruments into that score. I opened up the musicxml from Finale and then coped the music over into my VDL score instrument by instrument.

The one thing I did not do to time constraints is to fix all of the text and expressions that copied and pasted into the score. In order to get all of the dynamic to play back correctly in Sib6, I needed to delete the expression and re-input it into Sibelius.

Its a shot in the dark but I'm just wondering if there is something in the tuba and trumpet instruments that needs fixed and is preventing the sound patches from playing back. I honestly don't think this is a problem on a new score I create in Sib7. It just seems to not like something from the Sib6 score.

Examples of the patches that will not playback are:

Trumpet 1 Long Con Sord MW
Trumpet1 Portato MW
Trumpet 2 Long MW
Trumpet2 Long Con Sord MW
Tuba F Portato MW
Tuba Bb Long MW
Trombone Long MW

Are those the patches you're trying to assign to your brass instruments? You're going to have mixed results at best if you assign anything other than the patches that have just the word ";Long"; in them. And if you are assigning these through the Mixer, you shouldn't see the ";Long"; at all anyway. Do not assign patches that say con sord, con sordino, portato or the like - these are variants to their ";base"; patches.

Now, even if these are assigned, they should still play back. I think we're back to something being brought into the score from the other file. If you haven't done so, go ahead and test just some brass/wind instruments in a newly created Sib 7 score to see what that does.

On a side note, and my curiosity: How do you know for sure that the patches in the list are actually being loaded by and into Sibelius Player?
I'm actually not doing anything myself to load those patches. They are trying to load automatically when the score opens from the Sib6 score. The only thing I've done to assign instruments was selecting things like ";Trumpet Bb"; from the Sib6 sounds when I created the original score.
The problem that I think most people run into when using any of the stock instruments is the lack of specially defined instrument definitions. This is one aspect that makes the VDL Template work so well.

As far as your brass/wind sounds go, you'll probably just have to do what you can for now. And be sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming [url=]Sib 7 family of templates[/url].
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