Sibelius 7/VDL2.5/OSX Lion

I've searched for this issue, and have not found the specific instance that I'm trying to fix...Here we go:

iMac- OSX 10.7 (Lion)
VDL 2.5
Kontakt 2
M Audio 02 USB Keyboard

I just upgraded to Sibelius 7 from 4.  Sibelius Sounds do not play.  I can get only the snare drum sounds to play in VDL with the keyboard (battery multi), does not show up in Sibelius.

Am I missing something?!

I had Sibelius 4 worked out, and used a home made sound set which worked fine.  I'm looking forward to VDL, though!
Well pfft!!  This is going to take a little longer than planned. 

I was ready to give it try, getting VDL up to 2.5.2, when I decided to open up Kontakt 5.  I do that and I see ";Virtual Drumline 2.5 - Library content not found";.  So I open up the NI Service Center and under VDL2, it says ";Not activated - The serial number is locked (1005)";, and under VDL2.5 it says ";Not activated - The serial number is unknown (1017)";.  Anybody run into a similar situation?

Not sure if it had anything to do with updating the machine from Leopard to Snow leopard to Lion.

Also thought about just trying a fresh install of VDL, but I'm not sure that would help since NI says the serial number is unknown.

If anybody has any tips, I'm all ears.


Since you're using Kontakt 5, here's the fastest way to get up to 2.5.2 without needing to run a bunch of updates.

+ Download the 2.5.2 updater from the [url=]Tapspace Downloads/Updates page[/url].

+ When you unzip that file, you'll end up with a .dmg file in the ";mac"; area. If you've already installed some version of VDL 2.5 on your machine, simply follow the instructions. Basically, you can just drag the .ncu file on top of the ";Native Content Updater"; application and it'll locate your existing VDL installation and update it.

If you're installing from scratch (haven't yet installed VDL on this machine), you can do it manually from the 2.5.2 updater, but it involves some more manual dragging/copying. Let me know and I can send you instructions if that's what you need.
Stealing someone else's thread, the title fit too well..

So I just got my Macbook up to Lion, and upgraded to Sibelius 7.1.2.  Now, this is the part I screwed up last time, what is the easiest way to get VDL 2.5 up to 2.5.2 on the Macbook?  Oh, also, just upgraded to Kontakt Player 5.

If anyone has pointers or could link a thread it would be greatly appreciated.

When you say Sibelius Sounds do not play, are you referring to the Sibelius Sounds library? If so, you might need to direct that question to Sibelius support.

If you're not seeing Kontakt Player in your Sibelius 7 Playback Devices window, it may be an incompatibility between Lion and Kontakt Player 2. You might have better success in using the latest update of Kontakt Player 4 or Kontakt Player 5. I don't think, however, that Sibelius 7 is compatible with KP5 just yet, but should be soon.

Keep in mind, the playback functionality of Sibelius 4 was completely different than it is in Sibelius 5 and greater after they introduced their Soundworld system. With that in mind, you may find it helpful to view some of the [url=]videos[/url] that discuss sound sets and templates for Sibelius 5 and up. We're not producing templates at Tapspace any more, but you can still buy them from [url=]The Write Score[/url].
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