Sibelius 7/VDL2.5/OSX Lion

I've searched for this issue, and have not found the specific instance that I'm trying to fix...Here we go:

iMac- OSX 10.7 (Lion)
VDL 2.5
Kontakt 2
M Audio 02 USB Keyboard

I just upgraded to Sibelius 7 from 4.  Sibelius Sounds do not play.  I can get only the snare drum sounds to play in VDL with the keyboard (battery multi), does not show up in Sibelius.

Am I missing something?!

I had Sibelius 4 worked out, and used a home made sound set which worked fine.  I'm looking forward to VDL, though!
On the PC yes, my library folder looks almost identical to yours.

On the Mac it looks quite a bit different.  When I go Disk>Tapspace there is nothing in that folder.  However, when I go Disk>Users>(Name)>Documents>Tapspace>Tapspace>VDL 2.5 THEN I finally get to those .nkc files.  I'm thinking this file directory is what is causing VDL and Sibelius to not talk to each other.

BTW, I was able to get Kontakt to play the VDL sounds in stand alone.

[quote author=Matt Greene link=topic=4125.msg22581#msg22581 date=1334624405]
BTW, I was able to get Kontakt to play the VDL sounds in stand alone.

Well, that's good. We're making headway.

Attach a screen shot of your Playback Configuration. If you're getting any other error messages from anywhere, attach shots of those too.
Here ya go.


From what I can tell, your playback configuration looks fine.

If you're having problems with your VDL library not playing properly on your Mac, from what you described earlier, your library folder isn't properly populated. Your library folder should look similar to the attached screenshot.

If you aren't seeing the 001, 002, and 003 [b]NKX[/b] files, you can find those on your original VDL DVD and drag them into the folder. They may take a few minutes to copy. [u]Don't worry about the NKC files.[/u] Those will be automatically created by Kontakt when you start using your library.
That was it, it works!

Jim and Hugh, thanks a TON for all your help on this!!
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