Tama marching drums

Anybody know anything about the new line of Tama marching drums? We are due to buy new stuff for next year....I really wanna do my ";shopping"; before we make decisions.
Thanks for any feedback!!
I got to get the tour of them at TMEA this past February.  I was really impressed with the thought that went in to the drums.

It looks like Lonestar Percussion is giving quotes now so they must be close on the release of them.
I checked them out at TMEA as well and the build quality seemed pretty good, and the hardware seemed well designed.

Who knows when they're put to use?
Word on the street is because of the design and quality that was put into making them that they will be quite expensive. I hear they are fantastic drums but it sounds like they are pricing themselves out of the market. For schools on a budget (and what school isn't these days) it will be hard for anyone to justify buying these when more established companies like Pearl, Dynasty, Mapex and even yamaha will be much cheaper.

People love a Mercedes, Rolls Royce, or BMW but not everyone can afford a those so we driver Toyota, Dodge, and Chevy because it serves its purpose and is affordable.
Hello, if you would like the real information on Tama Marching Drums, give me a shout.  Your guess on prices is not correct.  Check tamamarching.com to see all of the drums, carriers, and stands.  Check Lone Star to see the prices which are at least 45% below list price.  Yes, the quality, features, sound, look, and innovation designed into the drums are superior.  The price for lacquer drums with chrome hardware compared to other companies...........much less.  Please check and then give me a call or email.  Thanks, Tom Float.  Tomfloat@gmail.com 818-807-8712
Nice videos!  The hardware looks awesome.
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