Sibelius 6 notation question

Hey everyone

I'm writing a battery percussion piece and I'm having trouble figuring out how to write a specific type of tuplet. 

I need the snares to play two egg beaters, starting on beat 3, and playing the release on the and of 4.  So just 1 and a half beats to play two egg beaters.

How do I do this?

I've tried inputting all of the notes as 16th notes, then highlighting the notes and choosing tuplet, and trying all different combinations of ratio, no ratio, bracket, no bracket, etc etc.

Help please!



P.S.  I'm running Sibelius 6 on Mac OSX Lion.
Start with one sixteenth, select it, then use a Ratio of 5:3. Once you have your bracket, finish inputting the other notes.
You saved me!!!  Thanks man!!!

I have a few more of these types of thing to put in this chart.  So I may be back for more questions.  Thanks a ton.



P.S.  Thanks for giving me a straight answer, as opposed to lecturing me about the pages and pages of documentation that comes with Sibelius that I should take the time (hours) to read through to find my answers.  I appreciate you helping me immediately. 
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