Sibelius 7 and VDL 2.5 help

Problem 1:

So I'm having trouble getting my VDL sound set to show up in my sound set drop down menu in the playback configuration setup window. I'm using:
Sibelius 7
Kontakt 5 (native instruments told me that previous versions of kontakt do not run well with the new sibelius)
Windows 7 64 bit operating system
and I have the template for sibelius 6.0b (apparently there is no template yet for sibelius 7 however thewritescore says that 6.0b is compatible)

I've followed the instructions in the ";read me"; for the template and watched all tutorial vids put out by tapspace and I still cant seem to get it in the drop down menu. I created a new folder entitled ";sounds"; and put the VDL sound set in there but it won't show up. Ive tried moving it around to various folders to see if it would work there and it hasn't. I installed all sounds disks with sibelius so I'm wondering why I had to create the folder in the first place, but it looks like sibelius 7 is MUCH different than the tutorial vids about 5.2.5. The VDL library shows up in my Kontakt 5 player automatically as well.

Problem 2:
In the configuration set up box my available devices reads ";Kontakt5";....should it say Kontakt Player 5? I got the upgrade from the free download on the native instruments website.

Anyone with advice or similar problems please help!
Yes, you can use copies of it, or you can create a Manuscript Paper by following the instructions in Appendix C of the Readme file.


You can launch the template, then export it as a ";manuscript paper."; Once you've done this, next time you start a fresh, new score by just selecting ";new score"; in Sibelius, you should see ";VDL Template"; as one of your manuscript options, followed by all the other stuff like time/key sigs, titles, etc.

You don't have to do this, of course. A lot of people just launch the template file, then do a ";save as"; to start a new project. Just depends on how you like your workflow.
Whoops. Looks like Hugh and I were answering at the same time. :)
Awesome guys thank you! By far the best tech support I've seen anywhere, you guys are great
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