Sibelius 7 and VDL 2.5 help

Problem 1:

So I'm having trouble getting my VDL sound set to show up in my sound set drop down menu in the playback configuration setup window. I'm using:
Sibelius 7
Kontakt 5 (native instruments told me that previous versions of kontakt do not run well with the new sibelius)
Windows 7 64 bit operating system
and I have the template for sibelius 6.0b (apparently there is no template yet for sibelius 7 however thewritescore says that 6.0b is compatible)

I've followed the instructions in the ";read me"; for the template and watched all tutorial vids put out by tapspace and I still cant seem to get it in the drop down menu. I created a new folder entitled ";sounds"; and put the VDL sound set in there but it won't show up. Ive tried moving it around to various folders to see if it would work there and it hasn't. I installed all sounds disks with sibelius so I'm wondering why I had to create the folder in the first place, but it looks like sibelius 7 is MUCH different than the tutorial vids about 5.2.5. The VDL library shows up in my Kontakt 5 player automatically as well.

Problem 2:
In the configuration set up box my available devices reads ";Kontakt5";....should it say Kontakt Player 5? I got the upgrade from the free download on the native instruments website.

Anyone with advice or similar problems please help!
Hi Ricky

1) Kontakt 5 Player is not supported in the latest build of Sibelius 7. They know about it and will hopefully have an update soon that fixes it. If you go with KP4, you'll probably need to do some [url=]Registry tweaks[/url] to get the template sound set to show up under Active Devices.

2) It will just read ";Kontakt 5";.

Oh, by the way, when VDL Template 7.0 is released, users still may have the same issue with getting the sound set to show up. This is due to Sibelius not seeing that the VDL library is installed, not something specific to the template.
Thank you Hugh! Do you know where an available SAFE download of Kontakt4 is? on the native instruments website all I can find is Kontakt5 and every link that says Kontakt4 on the internet shoots me over to the Kontakt5 release page on
Try contacting NI for a KP4 installer. Or see if you can receive further assistance from Tapspace by submitting a support ticket.
I've got everything downloaded including Kontakt 4 and still no results in getting the sound set to drop down in the Sound Set menu in the configuration setup. In the Read Me .Pdf that comes with the template it tells me to put the sound set in this folder:

Windows 7:
C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 6\Sounds...

However, this is how it looks on my machine...

C:\Users\Ricky\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Sibelius 7\Sounds

do you think this could be part of my issue?
[quote author=rickykostner link=topic=4134.msg21689#msg21689 date=1318905832]
C:\Users\Ricky\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Sibelius 7\Sounds

This is the correct folder to place the XML file.

You probably still need to do the [url=]Registry tweaks[/url] so Sibelius will see that VDL is installed.
The instructions say ";duplicate";...I am not able to copy/paste anything, but I do see ";copy key name"; exactly do I duplicate and how do I move it?
Hi Ricky

I used the word ";duplicate"; because that's what was used in the instructions I received. You will need to create the new entries from scratch since Windows 7 doesn't allow the normal copy/paste function in the Registry.

From [b]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Native Instruments > Content[/b], right-click and choose [b]New > String Value[/b]. Name the new entry to match what you're duplicating. Double-click that new item and fill in the Data field with ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; - or whatever is needed.

Open Sibelius 7 and see if the sound set now shows up in the Active Devices' sound set drop down menu. If yes, then get up and do a short victory dance. If not, come back and we'll keep plugging.


So I got everything duplicated but I a few questions only because the registry edit looks pretty serious and I don't want to screw anything up. Also the sound set is still not available in the drop down menu.

Question 1:
Under the wow64332node native instruments>content folder the files I'm copying two files labeled
K2lib0801 and K2lib5000...does the K2 mean Kontakt 2 and does this look like the right file even though only the Kontakt 4 player shows up in my sibelius template?

Question 2:
under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE> Native Instruments....there is no folder that says ";content"; the only visible folders are:

Kontakt 2 Player
Virtual drumline 2.5
Service Center lieu of not having a ";content"; folder I have just duplicated the file names into  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE> Native Instruments but not necessarily the ";content"; folder...does this sound right?  
Hi Ricky

1) Yes, those need to read just like they are - and I believe they're all lower case.

2) If the Content folder isn't there, you'll need to create it. Right-click the [b]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Native Instruments[/b] folder, choose [b]New > Key[/b], name it [b]Content[/b]. Then inside the Content folder is where you create the new [b]String Value[/b]s.

I can't remember if the Content folder was already on my machine or if I had to create it. Anyway, the new String Values need to go into the Content folder. This is where Sibelius is looking to find out what Kontakt libraries are installed.

If this doesn't get it, supply some screen shots of what your Registry looks like.

Here are some attached screen shots of my sound set folder, Regedit locations and my template
Everything's good until you get into the Playback Configuration. You need to use the KP4 device that says Kontakt under the Type field. Swap this out for the VST one in the image and you should be good to go.

And thanks for attaching the images. I wish more people would do that - it makes troubleshooting so much faster!
Hugh Smith....

You are a god among men! Thank you so much for helping me out! I'm so relieved...This is the best tech support I've ever gotten, thank you so much again!

-Ricky Kostner
You're welcome
Hugh one final question....

Now that everything is installed do I just use the template every single time I want to start a new score in sibelius or does the template link up to the actual out of the box version of sibelius? The reason I ask is because with the template I don't have the start up wizard where I name my score and fill in all the logistics such as time signature and key.
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