Tenor Voice - No Sound

I'm using Sibelius 6.2, VDL 2.5, with the Sibelius template.

I haven't had a problem until this week, but when I input notes into the TenorLine voice, there is no sound.  Nor is there any sound during playback.  I've been using the same input methods I always have...so that's not the issue.  Any guidance would be appreciated!

Have you tried starting with an empty, unaffected template file? If that doesn't work, something worth trying would be to run the VDL 2.5.2 updater again to make sure that the .nki files (Kontakt Instrument files) are in an unadulterated state.
Of course as soon as I posted about this problem, it went away, and my sounds came back!  So, no worries for now.
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