Percussion Map for Finale 11

I am running Finale 11 on a Mac with Lion OS and Virtual Drumline 2.5.  I have moved all of the xml and template files to the correct folders.  The sounds play correctly on my midi controller for SnareLine Manual, SnareLine Auto,etc.  However, when I pull down the midi map to show the Snare options under instruments, the various snare options do not appear.  Likely that is what is causing my problem of input notes not appearing correctly in the score.  For example, the RH and LH appear on two different lines on the snare drum.
Did you also place the Percussion Layout file, Text Expressions, and Staff Styles in the Finale Library folder? The Layout file specifically handles staff placement and notehead assignments? Also, are you working with one of the supplied templates or a new file you've created? If you are using a new file you will need to load those Libraries (Layout, Expressions, Staff Styles) into that document. To do this go to the File Menu in Finale and choose Load Library. It should take you to the Finale Library folder where you placed them originally. Let us know if there are any other issues or questions.
I tried both an original file and template file.  I have reinstalled and it seems to have fixed the problem.  I'm not sure what happened.  Thanks for the help.
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