Ok I've recently switched from pc to mac....I cannot get my mapping sounds to come up correctly. Yes I did purchase the templates. I copied the lib file into the finale 2009 library folder..it worked,but when I came back the next day,it wasn't working any longer.

I really need help with this asap and I did search the forum for this ......

Please help asap....God Bless....Thanks
Was it not working on a file created from the templates or a new file you created? If it is one you created then you need to load the library in to the new file. Also, what version of the Mac operating system are you using?
Thanks for response. The only thing that I have been using are the templates from this site...do I actually have to go into file and load the library? if so,i did that on the last few runs but never had to do it before. I have an iMac 2.8 Ghz Intel Core Duo 2GB 887 MHZ DDR2 SDRAM SNOW LEOPARD
If you're using a Tapspace or The Write Score template then you do not need to load any of the libraries. You only need to load the libraries for non-template files as they don't load automatically in this situation.

Have you changed any of the instruments? Changing an instrument from the template default requires changing the map in the Instrument List.
No sir I havent changed anything as far as the instruments go.Can ypu ex[lain to me what I need to do after vd2.5 is recognized by finale? I kow the instructions said something about copying the lib files..I've dome that..am I kissing something..are you near atlanta? LOL
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