Snare Drum Hits sound like rims

Anytime I write a chart that includes snare drums playing on rims (i.e. a cascara/shell pattern with  right hand on the rim, and cross-stick with left hand on drum...ESPECIALLY in two different layers), anything that is written on the drum after that, plays back as a rim sound.  (I'm using the E space with notehead 1 (x) as the rim sound, and using the C space with notehead 0 as the snare drum sound.  Any reason behind this?  Could it be the use of two layers?
Hi Nick,

Chances are, you have some text somewhere that says ";rims"; or ";rim";. Just select those text items and turn off the Play On Pass check boxes which can be found in the Playback tab in the Properties window. There are times when certain words in Technique and Expression text can cause some playback oddities like that.

Hope this helps!
You are correct, sir!  Thank you very much!
No problem. Glad you were able to de-rim the remainder of your piece :)
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