Sibelius 7 and Kontakt 4

I have installed Kontakt 4 (was running Kontakt 5) on my Mac to use with VDL and Sibelius 7.  When I open up the mixer and try to ";create"; the sound sets by activating the Kontakt 4 VST file, it shuts Sibelius down every time.  Is there an update that I need, which I have not been able to find.  Do I need to uninstall Kontakt 5?  Thanks for any help you are able to provide.
I have gotten it to load the AU type for Kontakt, just no VST.  Now when I go to load the instruments, it says that they cannot be found.  I manually search for them, they are there, but it will not load the .nlk file.
I'm not sure what you mean by the .nlk file, but if you are getting a ";samples missing"; message, it might mean you've moved the library or that Kontakt is looking for it in the wrong location. Please refer to [url=]this FAQ[/url] for more information.
I have the same issue with Sibelius crashing when trying to load as VST.
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I have the same issue with Sibelius crashing when trying to load as VST.

Are you using a Mac or PC? If on a Mac, I would just opt for the AU flavor since I think it's a bit more ubiquitous on Mac. If you're on a PC it may need to be escalated with the folks at Sibelius since VST would be your only option there.
Chris, make sure you're using the most recent versions of each (i.e. Kontakt Player 4.2.4 / Sibelius 6.2). I know that a while back some previous versions didn't play nicely together and was causing Sibelius to crash.
I am using AU, I did have the option of using VST previously though (on Mac).

I'm using Sib 7 and Kontakt 4 - all up to date.
Oh, OK. You are using 7.

Exactly at what point is Sibelius crashing? And it's duplicatable?
Well, I've just started using 7.  I'm taking the latest Sib 6 VDL template and attempting to load up the Kontakt VST.  As soon as I hit ";add"; it crashes.
Chris, you're the only person I know of that's having a problem with KP4 crashing Sibelius 7. Since it seems to be doing so consistently, I'd let them know on the [url=]Sibelius chat pages[/url].
Mine is crashing at the same time (sibelius 7/Kontakt 4.2.4/Mac).  I tried reloading the sounds and now the VST are gone from the Available devices memo.  I have tried to contact Sibelius, but I am not able to log in to my account and the phone support keeps bringing me to the same messages; I appear to be caught in the Bermuda Triangle of the help section for Avid.
Please let us know if you find any extra information from the Sibelius folks. However, in the meantime, if you're a Mac user, I'd advise using the AU plugin rather than the VST. That sounds to be the common link here...
The answer I received yesterday from Technical Support at Sibelius was that it had to do with Sibelius 7 is set to run automatically as 64 bit and the sounds (Garritan, etc) are set to run as 32 bit.  Once I changed it to 32 bit the problem (crashing when trying to load the VST) resolved itself.  I know that you had mentioned that in another post, I honestly thought that when I installed it I had set it up as 32 bit, apparently not.
Thanks for the extra information, Kevin! I'm sure this will be of use to many others who run into the 32bit/64bit snag.
Yes, thanks for letting us know, Kevin. Chris, hopefully this is what's causing it for you too.
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