Anyone using Finale 12?

Sorry for the strang question, but 'Ive been using finale '08 since '08 and think its time to finally upgrade. I have a indoor show Im starting this weekend and want to test the waters here first. 

Does it play well with others? Obviously VDL2.5 is my biggest concern.  Anything I should be concerned about?  Are there maps out yet?

The one thing I don't need right now is a mess to deal past relearning for the 13th time where theyve moved key features. After upgrading every year since 1996 I know the more complicated they make the plumbing the easier it is to stop it up!

Thanks for your candor.

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If you're still using Finale08, I would stay there for the time being. A great deal has changed since them, especially with how percussion maps are dealt with.

Templates for Finale and VDL are now handled through The Write Score. You should be able to find the announcement on the Tapspace site. The goal is to have templates ready for purchase around the first of the year.
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