Concert Band Combo

When starting a new project in Sib 6, I am not able to see or insert Concert Band Combo under the combos tab. I am able to load it manually in KP2, but does not show up in instrument list. I have followed the instructions of setting up new project.

1. open new
2. Leave blank, do not insert instruments at this time.
3. High light VDL Template 6.0
4. Get to blank page, hit I for create Instruments.
5. Click VDL Combos, then Combos, then I get choices with out the Concert Band Combo being seen.

Am I missing a step? I have VDL 2.5.2, Sib 6.0, KP2, VDL SIB6 Template
VDL Template 6.0 doesn't have the 2.5.2 library update items defined in it. You'll need to submit an [url=]update request for VDL Template 6.0b[/url] to get the most recent set of files.
That did it. Thanks
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