Dolet MusicXML plug-ins now available for free

Hi all,

MakeMusic, Inc finalized it's acquisition of Recodare's Dolet plug-ins and MusicXML today.

If you use Sibelius 6 or older, you can now get the Dolet MusicXML plug-ins for free (previously $199) to gain MusicXML Export capabilities (and MusicXML 3.0).

The Finale plug-ins will be coming soon (you already have this ability, but Dolet 6 will give you the ability to save MusicXML 3.0 files which only 2012 can do at this time if you're using an older version).


Great news.
The Finale plug-in is available now as well. The plug-in gives any Finale user the ability to save and open MusicXML 3.0 files, improved export quality, and batch processing.
And to think I was going to put out some cash for this very soon. This comes at a time when I will be collaborating with someone using Finale. Great news indeed.
Sweet, that's great news! Thanks for sharing, Justin.
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