Kontakt 4 doesn't always recognize the VDL file

Does anyone else have a problem where they try to load the sounds for VDL 2.5 (on Mac) and Kontakt 4 does not always recognize the folder?  I installed Sibelius 7 after I did VDL, but I have to search the filesystem every time I need to load a sound.  Now what happens about every third time is that it says the file does not exist, I can locate it when I search manually, but it will not let me load it that way either.  Thanks for the help.

When trying to set the manual sound set (Sibelius 7), what do I need it set as (i.e. General Midi, Virtual Drumline 2.5, none, etc).  I have tried those three and no file is able to be loaded.
If you're referring to a ";samples missing"; message from Kontakt, it could have something to do with the path assigned to the VDL library in Kontakt, or possibly that you've moved the VDL library to a different location. There's an FAQ about this here:

If you're using Sibelius 7 Sounds in conjunction with your Kontakt/VDL sounds, is there a way to determine if the message you're seeing could have to do with the installation of Sibelius Sounds? If so, it's possible your installation of the Sibelius Sounds is either incomplete, or located in the wrong spot. Sibelius support may be able to help with this, or possibly just a reinstall of Sibelius Sounds could get you back on track if this is the case.
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