Help with Sibelius 7/iMac Workflow


I generally wait until my writing slows down before I switch to the lastest and greatest version of Sibelius, so I'm just now getting on board.

But, I'm not crazy about Sib7 yet and that's mostly because I can't get past how incredibly long it takes to load sounds. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that it's taking 10 minutes to load sounds for a standard concert band score. (And I haven't even started integrating VDL with it, yet!). So, when I only have a few minutes to look over a score or try to get some Sib7 chops, I'm helpless and often miss my window of writing time.

I downloaded all of the additional library content that came with Sib7 -- something like 30 gigs! But, I also just put Logic Studio on my iMac, too. And what I really want, I think...  (Bryan Harmsen, correct me if I'm wrong), is to use Logic to provide the sound environment for Sibelius all while in conjunction with using VDL 2.5 sounds.

Now along the way, I purchased this: -- a 2 TB External Harddrive. I put all of my iTunes library over there as well as a couple of movies and I plan also to move my iPhoto library there, too. Should I be doing something else with it? Should some of these libraries be there? Or something else?

You can see my computer specs below. Can anyone offer me some workflow or Sibelius 7 advice?

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Bryan have you seen this:
Have you tried using the ";Lite"; versions of the sounds (should be available with the 7.03 Sib and Sound Library update)?

I ran into the same problem on my Mac, and the lite versions have helped out a lot when I need to hear something quick.
Eric, as per this article ( you can use other sound libraries in conjunction with Sibelius. The same sort of configuration could work for Finale as well, though I haven't fooled with that as much.

I use that method for having more control and greater flexibility with my synth sounds, sampled effects, and other things that aren't quite as easy to accomplish within Sibelius.
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