Sibelius 6 VDL 2.5.2 to Finale 2010

Hello everyone. Just wondering what is the best way to write in Sibelius 6 VDL 2.5.2 while collaborating with someone on Finale 2010 writing for brass, but has no VDL 2.5.2 Does Finale 2010 already have some VDL sounds with it? If so, does he have to recreate any mappings after I write with 2.5.2 Template(Sib6.0)? We both have the new Dolet 6 MXL plugins installed. Is there any thing on my end that I could do to make it easy for playback on his side of things?

I'm thinking maybe of another way. What about making an mp3 of the drum tracks, exporting an mxl file with Dolet 6 with drum staves, have the brass arranger mute the drum tracks, import the mp3 in Finale and use it as a reference track to the drum tracks while all his horn parts are playing to it. Has anyone else tried this, and does it stay in sync?
I can't imagine this would work very well (the mp3 method).

Since the percussion mapping is the tricky part, it may be easiest for you to import his score (via XML), saving as a sibelius file, then copying/pasting those brass staves from the new sibelius score into your already-existing percussion score. Doing this would likely prove least destructive to any particular mappings you've been working on.

Of course, it's tough to know how well these will swap back and forth if he wanted to do the same thing in Finale. I'm not sure how well the intricacies of percussion mappings are retained when importing/exporting things via Music XML. My hunch would be to try to limit how much you're doing that and keep the percussion stuff in one environment for the best playback results.

If you decide to live on the bleeding edge and experiment with some import/export trials, please let us know what you find. I'm sure others here would find it helpful. I know I would! :)
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