Exporting VDL and NON VDL instruments together in Sibelius 7

Software: Sibelius 7, VDL 2.5, Kontakt 4

In my indoor marching percussion score I have all VDL instruments EXCEPT a warm pad synth (sibelius instrument)  that I am using for effects. My problem is that when I go to export my file to a .wav file to hear it through iTunes, my warm pad synth is not audible.

When I return back to the ";export"; menu in sibelius it has a caution sign that reads: ";some of the devices in the chosen playback configuration are not virtual instruments. Only those staves set to playback via virtual instruments will be exported";...

I understand what the problem is, but I do not know how to fix it. In my playback configuration directly above this error message in the ";Export"; menu it reads ";Playback Confirguration (drop down menu): 6.0 VDL Sounds (32)"; and also has various other choices like ";General MIDI"; ";Sibelius 7 Sounds"; etc...

I see that the warm pad is not part of the VDL sound set so it is not exporting, but is there any way to make it export in addition to all my VDL staves?

The important thing to know is what devices are listed in the ACTIVE DEVICES column in your playback devices window. I'm assuming you may have a couple instances of Kontakt 4, but what is the other device? (Note: Please list the DEVICE, rather than the sound set). I'm attaching a screenshot of how you might want it to look...
In my active devices I have:

Kontakt 4
Kontakt 4 (2)
Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
Sibelius Player

attached is a screen shot
Cool. Try deactivating the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, then saving your playback configuration. Once you've done this, try the audio export again and see if the error goes away.
It works perfectly, thanks so much for the help Jim!
You bet, Ricky. Glad to hear you're back on track!
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