Puffies on Tenors. Switching???

I've always had a problem with the tenor lite puffies.   Put in the key switch note on a empty bar and enter my notes after.  Everything is entering as puffs.  Listen to it on playback, no problem.  Then enter a sticks keystroke in a later measure and it switches to sticks on entry.  Listen to it on playback and now the initial puffs are sticks.  So I even put in another puff keystroke before the 1st one which WORKS!!  BUT, then the stick keystroke is ignored and the whole thing is puffs.


Using Finale (hate to say it) 2008 with VDL2.5 & note map from here.  What am I missing?  I really love to have this play back properly as you could imagine. But if it don't work, I can live.

Is this when you play it back from the beginning, or when you're jumping to different points in the score?
it's all hit or miss!  I just opened it this morning to listen and it completely ignored the puffies throughout.  So started from the beginning.  Using marching band human playback style.
guessing I've stumped the creators.  All hope is lost.
This particular creator has been visiting family for the holidays. Sorry I wasn't immediately available to help you troubleshoot your Finale playback. This playback behavior is most likely related to Finale or Human Playback than anything odd happening with the VDL Tenor programming.

Depending on your host program, Keyswitches often remain in their last activated state. So I'm guessing if your playback line doesn't cross a prior entered keyswitch, you may not hear its affect upon playback. Have you tested this (starting playback from beginning) with HP turned completely off? Oftentimes in Finale, playback unpredictability can be caused by HP if you're expecting a certain level of manual control the way you're describing. I may be wrong -- but it would be a worthwhile test.

Beyond that, there's usually a rational explanation as to why your notation software does the things it does. In troubleshooting unwanted behavior, it'll be helpful to approach it scientifically while trying to assess what's happening. Your initial description of the scenario was a little tricky to follow by reading it. I'm sure with some clearly-worded elaboration and calm curiosity, some of the brainpower here may be able to offer suggestions.
thanks Jim,
yeah I figured it was a Finale issue as most problems seem to stem from the Host programs short comings - that and it's a 4 year old program doesn't bode well for me.  Nothing on HP will effect it (off , standard, marching band).  So my work around that I did 2 weeks ago (I posted this on the 5th) was to simply have 2 staves, one dedicated to puffs, one to sticks for play back.  Easy enough, just annoying when I'd forget.

Thought I'd learn something for the future, which is why I came back for the bump, but until I cross grade to Sibelius, guess not.  Sorry for the incoherent ramblings in my first posts.  I'm not a professional poster as I DO try to figure most things out for myself as perhaps my post count/date joined would indicate. So when it comes to looking for a last resort answer to my - 'ready to bash my head into the wall' - I post in desperation.  Logic 8-9, Photoshop, web design, Final Cut are all easier to get to work with consistency it seems than Finale for me.  As a user of it since 1996, you'd think I'd be ready for the fall.

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