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hey everyone, I am using sibelius 6 and just recently updated to  Virtual Drumline 2.5.2 and im using a midi keyboard to input the notes. everytime im in the keymaps page and use the correct notes to input they play it back correctly. but after i punch it into sibelius than it plays back wrong. is there a solution or going to be one? i checked the sound sets in ";playback devices"; and it doesnt have vdl 2.5.2 its still running on regular vdl 2.5. so i guess there for the cymbal rack combo sounds are running off of the metal combo sounds.....
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Are you using a Sibelius template from The Write Score? If so, this may have something to do with how you've assigned your sound set or staff instruments.

If you're using a template, I'd suggest giving the documentation a good review. It's probably just something in how you've configured the template. If you're stuck, you can get help from them at
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