Samples not loading? please help!

When I attempt to playback my composition, there is no sound.  The LED signal lights in the mixer show the signal is reaching the mixer but there is nothing playing.  If I unmute the metronome, I do get sound so it is not a sound card issue.
When I open my score or attempt to play anything, I do not get the usual loading of samples prior to playback

There is something not currently placed in the correct location and I cannot find the step that I have missed.  Here is what I have so far.

Mac book pro 2.53 GHz Intel
Mac OS  X 10.7.2
4GB 1067 MHz DR3
Sibelius 7.0.3
VDL 2.5.2
VDL library path (multi's etc)username/applications/tapspace/virtualdrumline 2.5) [b]*[b]*I feel this may be incorrect but the samples are showing up in Kontakt 4 but I only get keyboard motion and midi lights when music is played. There used to be a video tutorial that walked you through the placement of these files but I can no longer find them on the tapspace site** [/b]

Path for VDL_SoundSet_6.0bxml
C: username/library/application support/avid/Sibelius 7/Sounds
I am using the VDL Template I purchased from 'the write score'  (VDL_Template_6.0b.sib)
I am able to pull up the VDL instrument when adding instruments to the score from the above template
I am able to get VDL 6.0 soundset in the drop down of active devices.
I have tried Sib 7 in both 64bit and 32bit mode
and like an idiot, I want to show the screen shots within this message but can figure out how to get them in this message.
Thanks in advance for your help

If they're small enough, you can attach images to your post. And yes, screen shots can help a lot in figuring out what's going on.

Are you able to load patches/samples into KP4 when using it in stand-alone mode?

Just out of curiosity, what version of Kontakt Player 4 did you originally install? Was it Or did you update to that version after the fact? I've heard recently that other (non VDL) users are having issues with Kontakt libraries when using KP 4.2.4+ inside of Sibelius 7. I happen to be using 4.2.3 without any problems.
I am using Kontakt
This version of Kontakt was the one recommended by Jim that he sent to me via a support ticket.  I upgraded from 2.2.4 just a few days ago when I started this whole process.

When I tried loading the samples into Kontakt 4 in 'stand alone' mode, the files showed up missing.

Hugh, can you or someone please show the required placement 'path' for the vdl sample library (i.e. multis, nki files etc) when using OS X 10.7.
my current path is username/applications/tapspace/virtual Drumline 2.5

I would be interested in finding out what the answer is as well for this as I am having the same problem (same computer and specs).
You'll want to make sure to leave everything in the Mixer that's TWS template related set to (Auto).

Have you guys read [url=]this FAQ[/url]? Are the big NKX files where they should be?

You can place the library anywhere you want on your system. You do have to tell Kontakt where that location is though. Dietrich, it sounds like the nkx files are the problem for you in this case.

Let us know.
I have attached a screen shot showing my path where I have my library and the nkx and nkc files located (you mentioned that this could be the problem.  According to the FAQ page, this is what it should look like and where it should be located.

If the screen shot looks correct to you guys, then what is left is that KP 4 is looking for it in the incorrect location.
When I open KP 4 in stand alone mode and click on the 'info' icon within the library, the only options that appear are 'read me files and links'.  I have attached a screen shot of this as well mainly because KP 4 appears slightly different than the KP 2 version that is shown via a screen shot in the FAQ page.
Given this, I am unclear as to how to direct KP 4 to properly locate my library. 
Can someone please direct me to the link that may explain this, I have been unsuccessful in locating this information (obviously)

Thank you again for your help

r_dietrich - sorry for the late reply here.

The way in which Kontakt Player locates each library's location has changed since KP2. In Kontakt 4 in standalone mode, if you're able to load instruments and they play (when you click the blue keys with your mouse), it means it's properly locating the library files. So the path would be correct.

As an alternative, you could click the gear icon on the VDL library and select ";Remove library"; after which the VDL panel in the left column should disappear. Re-add it (which will also reestablish its path) by clicking the ";Add Library"; button at the top of the LH column (just beneath the 'Libraries' tab). When you do this, simply navigate to Macintosh HD>Applications>Tapspace>Virtual Drumline 2.5 and click the ";choose"; button and you should see the VDL pane again.
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