VDL Files no longer valid in Kontakt Player 2

Today I opened up a composition I have been working on with VDL sounds for the mallet orchestrations.  However, when I tried to initiate playback, no sound came out.  As always, I went into Kontakt 2 to check out the issue.  None of my instrumentation had been saved.  I shrugged and tried to choose the instruments again, but when I tried to use one, it informed me

There was an error trying to acquire a license for this patch! Error message:
This copy is not yet activated.
Please use the service center to activate.

However, I know I activated it when I installed Virtual Drumline.

So I went to the NI Service Center, and it crashed on me.  Twice.
Has anyone had this problem, or know how to fix it?  I can't seem to get any of the sounds in Virtual Drumline nor get Native Instruments Service Center to work on my computer.

Windows Vista.
Indeed I do.  The problem seems to be Native Instruments does not want to run on my computer.
Right click the Service Center icon and select ";Run as Administrator";. Can you run the SC then?
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