Sib7.1 and 6.0b Template playback issues

So I opened up the 6.0b template in Sib7.1

I still can't get Concert Band Combo to consistently work or Cym. Rack combo. When I first open it up everything seems to playback correctly. When I go to input it changes to Rack combo A for Concert Band Combo and Metal Combo for Cymbal Rack Combo.

In the Mixer window when I check the tab to change the instrument on either one Cymbal Rack Combo and Concert Band Combo is not there.

When I open the tab for the K5 player I can manually go in and insert either voce into that channel but it doesn't use it when I playback or input to Sib 7.

Another strange message that I see in the K5 window is the following:

";Library Content not found. Click Locate to set the content";

If I go to the VDL portion in the K5 player all the instruments are there and are loaded in the player.

Is the library in the wrong location hence the Concert Band Combo and Cymbal Rack Combo not able to play in Sib7? If so I'm confused how all the other library sounds function.
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Please [url=]read this[/url]. Essentially we need to get KP5 doing its thing correctly before we take a look at the template setup in Sibelius.
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