Sib 7.1 and VDL

I just updated to 7.1 from 6 and the only way I can figure out how to get vdl and Sibelius sounds to play together is to open Sibelius in 32 bit mode and config/activate a Kontakt 2 player along side my Sibelius player. I purchased the S7S template and was able to get that to work in 64 bit, but still can't noodle out how to get the best of both worlds: 64 bit AND vdl/sib combo. The limited vdl sounds packaged in sib sounds just don't cut it know that I've been spoiled. I admit I'm hanging on the to the end of my technological tether here and I'm way out of my element, but am I missing something?
Thanks, d
MAC OS 10.6.8/4G ram
Sib 7.1
VDL 6.0
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7.1 can now detect Kontakt 5, which has both 32 and 64 bit versions.    

link here:
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