"Not activated. The serial number is locked." How i can do?

Dear all

Me & my friend used Virtual Drumline 2.5 and we try  to re-installed with new computer.

But we can't Activate. Service center show text ";Not activated. The serial number is locked.";

If we want to clear all activated of ours VDL 2.5 in system, can we?

Now it can't activate for any laptops.

Please you contact back to us is ASAP, Because we must to make music for ours band.

Best Wishes

This may help with the error message:


As a side note, VDL is a single user license, so if you're sharing between staff members, everyone should have their own copies (licenses):



We can't to Deactivated. Because our Hard disk was broke !

Now We can't do anything with that HD.

I just want to Clear all Resisted our old data of Activated,can we?

Looking Forward from someone who can answer us. >";<

So SAD !!

Jim, Please you help us....... TT..TT)//

I sent a response to your support ticket yesterday. If you haven't received that response, please let me know.
Dear Jim.

I already got it now.

And I replied to you. Please you check that my replied.

Thanks a lot jim

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