Did I just waste my time buying Finale 2011 template for 2012?

I was just told through the WriteScore to buy the 2011 templates for Finale 2012 and it should work fine. ERRRRR wrong! Can anyone help or should I complain and get my money back?
What you were told at The Write Score is that the 2011 templates will work with Finale 2012. However, changes made to the Finale program will have some impact on the 2011 templates.

That being said, what specifically does not function with the templates?
I can't seem to import any audio into the music. I try and find the instrument I want, and then look for Kontact Player. Then it highlights in red ";Edit Player"; and when I select the sound and place it in the right channel I still get nothing. Not any audio at all. And I don't know where to even begin about getting the correct maps for each sound. Any ideas?
Did you review the Readme file that came with the templates? There are instructions on where to place the files you need to allow the templates to function.

Importing audio is a Finale function and while to are able to do this with any of the templates, you should consult the Finale On-Line Help for specific instructions on the process.

It will also be to your benefit to include information about your computer such as operating system, RAM memory, etc.
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