Percussion Layout Files 2011

Just downloaded the VDL Templates files for 2011, but the Percussion Library Files are saying they are Unix Executable Files and don't seem to be registering. I am on a Mac, and I chose the right folder, but maybe they gave me the wrong files? Any ideas?
I'll look in to fixing the problem.
Just to verify,

If you are using one of the supplied templates you do not need to load any of the library files. They are already installed for the battery only and indoor/outdoor templates. They have been supplied to allow users to work with scores from a Finale user who does not have VDL or has not purchased templates from Tapspace or The Write Score.

If what you'd like to do is create a score file that is not one of the templates, then you should modify a template to meet your needs rather than attempting to create one from scratch.
ocedeno, you have started a few different topics that all sort of point the same direction: you need to open the template in Finale, then customize the instruments to your needs.     

I am having issues as well.

I just purchased The Write Score Finale 2011 Template.  When I open outdoor temp (or any other new template), connect my oxygen 49 and begin to write, I have a problem with finale recognizing the layout. All notes are orange.

If I go to load library, it won't read the new layout files. 

The files downloaded from ";the write score"; will not read through finale?  Not sure If things are right. 
Is this Finale?
Kontak Player?

I am using IMac Lion.    Just purchased it. 
To both posters,

You do not need to load the libraries for the templates to function.

To chugadacheese,

Have you reviewed the Readme?
Are you using the full version of VDL?
Which version of Finale are you using?
Some of what you are saying point to the possibility that you're not using the default instruments. If you want to change those, you must change the percussion layout and the percussion midi map.
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