Calling all MIDI Gurus

Hey everyone. My school is doing a production of Le Mis and have a ";high school reduction"; or something like that.

It has 3 keyboards all playing Yamaha DX7 patches. Preferably, I'd like to use our Yamaha Motif Rack for the sounds but there is only 1 midi port (and 1 usb) The keyboards all need to change patches at different times. Also they aren't beefy midi controllers with knobs and stuff, just your standard 88 key pianos with midi outs.

I'm not 100% sure how to make this all work. Perhaps a midi patch bay? But even if I get midi from all 3 into the 1 socket, i'm not sure how they can each change patches at different times. Another option would be using a computer. I'd appreciate any help you could give!

[u]Here are the tools at our disposal.[/u]
Yamaha Motif Rack
Plenty of 1x1 UNO mini to usb interfaces
A few regular midi cables
Saffire 6 USB audio interface
Plenty of Korg nanokeys
2 Korg Nanopads
Macbook pro + Mac Pro with.....
Logic Studio
Komplete 8 (including the FM8 which is suppose to emulate the dx7?)
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