Having problems finding VDL for Sibelius 7.1

I am unable to find my vdl in my playback configurations.  Do I need to move something around in my hardrive?  The percussion written on vdl is running ";rumble"; and it doesn't play the rim shots, tam, etc. correctly.  Please help.


Let me rephrase what I wrote earlier.  Here it goes:  When I try to do my configurations for playback devices, I cannot find my kontakt player.  I have it in the Avid folder, but it won't show in devices.  Therefore, I cannot use VDL for the already written drumline parts.  Please advice me where I should have the kontakt application located.  I hope this will help.
What OS are you running Sib 7 on? 64 or 32 bit?
I was able to get some technical support through sibelius.  Everything is working now with VDL and 7.1.  Does anybody know of good settings to use on the mixer?  I don't like the balance I'm getting.  The percussion that was written by my collaborator, Adam Clay, didn't sound very good with the current settings.  I need to redo them. Any suggestions?

That's gonna be trial and error Dennis.  What I have all of my instruments set at you may not like that balance.  Just play with the sliders during playback until you get one you like, then set everything to that every time.
[quote author=cavies79 link=topic=4232.msg22106#msg22106 date=1327451418]
I was able to get some technical support through sibelius.

Hi Dennis

Can you tell us what the problem was and what fixed it?
Hi Hugh,

The problem was I was trying to put my installations in my external hardrive.  This messed everything up, so with help from Sibelius tech. support, I was able to get everything back in the correct folders.  This was basically my fault.

Thanks to all for their help.

Thanks Dennis.
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