Finale 2012 Instrument Change

I just purchased Finale 2012 today.  I've loaded it on both a laptop and desktop.  Both are running Windows 7 - 64-bit.

I have installed the 2011 template (installed the library files, 9 XML files, and templates into the template folder)on the desktop so far.

I opened finale, opened the Indoor template, and tried doing an instrument change.  When I select ";Instrument Change"; from the Utilities menu, I have options for instruments to change to, but they don't seem to be the VDL instruments.

I'm guessing that I need to take some other steps to make this happen.  Any ideas?


The VDL instruments aren't in that list. This is a Finale produced list, the Soundmaps. I would suggest you select the instrument name which best matches the one you want. If you're not sure for some of the non-pitched instruments select percussion of blank. Make sure you review the Finale Help regarding mid-score instrument changes, I presume this is what you are wanting to accomplish.
Thanks for the quick response. 

So, is there a way to use the 2011 template and have staves mapped for the non-pitched instruments that are contained in VDL, or is that something that we need to be patient and wait for the 2012 template?
You can use the 2011 templates. Are you wanting to change the default instruments or do a mid-score change?

To change the default instruments, open the Score Manager and switch the Percussion MIDI maps and Percussion Layouts in this window.

To do a mid-score instrument change, check the Finale Help. Assigning the Percussion MIDI Maps and Layouts for the 'new' instrument is also done using the Score Manager.

The 2012 templates should be available very soon. Just a couple of details to finish up.
Thanks again, Ted.

I am, in fact, working on producing a mid-score instrument change.  Here is where I'm at now:

I've entered a marimba part.  I would like to change to an orchestral tambourine.  I select the measure where I would like to change then go to ";utilities"; and ";Change Instrument.";  When I click on this while using the 2011 template, my instrument groups are ";Keyboards, Plucked Strings, and Pitched Percussion.";  Since Tambourine is not an option, I selected an instrument at random.

Then, in the score manager I've gone in, found the ";random"; instrument, loaded the tambourine samples into Kontakt 4, changed the notation to ";Percussion";, and changed the map to ";Orchestral Tambourine.";  This made it all work.

I guess my question would be:  Is there a folder that I can put the .xml files into that would make them show up in the ";change instrument"; dialog?  Right now I'm stuck trying to remember that if I want an orchestral tambourine I need to select a Chapman stick...

Thanks for all you do, Ted.

My first thought is that this may be a Finale problem as you should have more choices than keyboards, plucked strings, and pitched percussion. You should see something similar to the Setup Wizard, where all of the instrument groups are available.

As far as the xml files, they are only for percussion midi maps. This is where the SoundMap file(s) enter into the picture. At present, there is no VDL SoundMap. The development of SoundMap files is up to Finale/MakeMusic. So, I have no control of creating those for the templates.
Thanks, Ted.  I have a much better understanding of how this stuff works since this time yesterday and you've been a big part of my ";education.";

Do you think that developing the sound maps for full VDL is something that MakeMusic cares about?  I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I'm thinking I'll just set it up and use my work-arounds that I've figured out so far.

Thanks again for all your help.

I believe MakeMusic will continue to support VDL and the other 3rd party developers. The SoundMaps are new and the interface for creating them is somewhat of a challenge, I've been told. If you follow the Finale process using the Score Manager, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to work. Also, the 2012 templates will be available very soon. They include some new things to help the creative process.
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