Spock Drums with Sib 7 template in Sibelius 7.1

Hey all,
I've recently updated to Sibelius 7.1, Kontakt 5, VDL 2.5.2, and am now working on a Mac Book Pro as opposed to a PC.  I've downloaded and installed the new VDL template for Sib 7 from the Write Score.  After some effort, I got everything working together, but the two spock drums are producing an incorrect sound more closely resembling a ";click"; sound.  I've checked in the Home>Edit Instruments Dialogue>Edit Instrument>Edit Staff Type to be sure there's no problems there.  I've checked that I'm using the correct note heads (as I do not use a MIDI keyboard for writing).  The rest of the tenor drum sounds seem to be working correctly.  Can anyone help?
Double check that you're using the sound set labeled ";VDL SoundSet 7.0";. Is that the one you have assigned to your instance(s) of KP5?
Absolutely.  Got that figured out right away.

Turns out now I'm having trouble with the Timpani MED instrument as well.  The rolls are playing back as buzz rolls.  The interesting thing is that they play correctly on a file I've opened that a friend sent me will writing on Sibelius 6...  But in that score, I can't get the Bass Drum unisons to play back at all.  I've checked that I have the correct note heads for the VDL 6 template...  As another point of interest, the spock drums play fine in the file he sent me, which incidentally was created on MY computer off the Sib 7 VDL Template and then exported as a previous version of Sibelius for him to work on and then send back to me...
Are you working with a clean copy of VDL Template 7.0? As in, have you imported any House Styles into said problem file(s)?

If you want, send me the file(s) in question and I'll take a look. (I sent you a PM to know where to send 'em.) Also, please provide a screenshot of your Playback Configuration so I can duplicate the environment - you can just attach that here if you'd like.

That's it.  I was not working off a ";clean"; template as you say.  I allowed myself to be confused about the nature of templates and the concept of backwards compatibility.  Upon reformatting a new score within the new VDL template and cutting and pasting other necessary musical material in from old scores, I was able to get everything working together nicely.  Such a simple solution that was so easily overlooked...  Your prompting questions gave me just the jump start I needed.  I'm all good now.  Thank you, Hugh.

Landon Ewers
Cool! Glad to see you got it going.
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