Any lads or lasses have experience with using djembe in indoor?

Specifically, I'm looking to use it on the floor-two of them, one large one small.
I understand the obvious answer, but I'm trying to avoid a wireless mic purchase.

Would there be a clarity issue if they are both the visual and musical focus? Would it be worth it? Do I have to put on the big boy pants and get a wireless system?

(doing a call and response whathaveyou between the djembes and battery)

I ran it on the floor last night.
Aside from the loss of bass tones, there was a bit of projection on the floor. If necessary, I may reinforce the sound with the sampler from the pit. Overall, it was clear what was going on visually. Acoustically-when the battery answerd the djembe, if definitely drew your attention to their side of the floor. So I'd say it will work for our level of performers.

I was in Eastside Fury in 2011, and our second tune had three djembe players.
We didn't use microphones, you would be surprised at how well that are heard.
I know we did tune them up a little bit, they were high, but still able to get a full sound.
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