Kontakt Player 5 not working with Finale 2011

Hello!  I just bought Virtual Drumline 2.5 (at the tapspace booth at TMEA - you guys were very helpful, thank you!).  As soon as I got it home, I installed it onto my PC (running Windows 7).  After installing and activating it, next I downloaded Kontakt Player 5 from the NI website and installed and activated.  When I opened up Finale, there was no evidence at all of VDL -- so after researching it I realized I needed to purchase the VDL template for Finale 2011, which I did. So far so good.  This time when I ran Finale, I was able to open the new template, and I can clearly see all of the new voices are present (which also make me understand the need for a MIDI keyboard, so many voices!).  I was all ready to start writing when --- no audio.  I tried moving the kontakt player 5 dll file into the proper folder, as shown in the demystified dvd.  But when I went to ";Manage VST plugins"; in Finale, I noticed that the Kontakt 5 plugin was not active (it was listed as inactive).  When I tried to activate it, I get an error message saying ";The plugin failed activation. It will remain ignored.";

I opened up Kontakt Player 5 in stand alone mode, and called up the manual snareline from VDL.  I was able to hear the all the voices clearly using the keyboard tool, so I know my computer has all the sounds and is able to play them through the Player...I just cant get Kontakt and Finale talking to each other.

Any help?  Thanks again (and sorry for the long post)!
Thanks for helping get this all sorted out, guys! We just arrived back in town from the TMEA show so I've been a bit slow in checking forum posts.
I just wanted to add one little piece of information. If you are still having trouble with Kontakt Player 5 not working with Finale 2011, make sure you check the [b]Manage VST Plug-ins[/b] option under [b]Device Set-up [/b](MIDI/Audio). The VST plug-in for K5 needs to be activated by selecting the correct .dll file location in this menu. After that, you should be good to go.

This is just to help anyone else that may still be having issues.
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