Sibelius 7.1, Kontakt Player 5 and Windows 7

I'm sure this is an easy solution but today when I tried to download Kontakt Player 5 and the link was provided by Native Instruments, it says it is for ";Mac or PC";.  But the link shows only Mac as a download option.  I thought it might be something universal but when I tried to run it, my PC doesn't recongize the ";DMG"; file extenstion provided on the link.  It doesn't give me a second option for a PC link.  Does that make sense?  Has anyone else encountered this challenge?  Am I missing something?

When I searched the web, what I discovered was ";DMG files contain a mountable disk image created on Mac OS X. It is commonly used for Mac OS software installers.";  Mine is not a Mac OS software system.

Thanks. . .
Great! Glad you're all squared away, Steve!
Just to follow up very quickly. . .it was on the link you provided. . .

Hi Jim. . .yes, oddly enough. . .that is exactly what I thought.  For some reason, there was only the one option!  Totally weird. . .I'll look again.  Thanks as always.

When you entered your information with NI (before they emailed you the link) you should see two selections from which you can choose your operating system. I'd suggest you re-submit the form and select the ";PC Version"; option. You can get to this form at this URL:

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Click for large view[/url]
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