Sibelius 7.1, Kontakt Player 5 and Windows 7

I'm sure this is an easy solution but today when I tried to download Kontakt Player 5 and the link was provided by Native Instruments, it says it is for ";Mac or PC";.  But the link shows only Mac as a download option.  I thought it might be something universal but when I tried to run it, my PC doesn't recongize the ";DMG"; file extenstion provided on the link.  It doesn't give me a second option for a PC link.  Does that make sense?  Has anyone else encountered this challenge?  Am I missing something?

When I searched the web, what I discovered was ";DMG files contain a mountable disk image created on Mac OS X. It is commonly used for Mac OS software installers.";  Mine is not a Mac OS software system.

Thanks. . .
When you entered your information with NI (before they emailed you the link) you should see two selections from which you can choose your operating system. I'd suggest you re-submit the form and select the ";PC Version"; option. You can get to this form at this URL:

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Click for large view[/url]
Hi Jim. . .yes, oddly enough. . .that is exactly what I thought.  For some reason, there was only the one option!  Totally weird. . .I'll look again.  Thanks as always.

Just to follow up very quickly. . .it was on the link you provided. . .

Great! Glad you're all squared away, Steve!
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