Kontakt 5 in Sibelius 7.1

I just downloaded kontact 5 player.  What folder should it be in so sibelius 7.1 recognizes it?  Right now, it doesn't show up on my configuation devices.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dennis

The 32-bit KP5 VST dll file goes in [b]C:\Program Files (x86)\Avid\VSTPlugins[/b]

The 64-bit KP5 VST dll file goes in [b]C:\Program Files\Avid\VSTPlugins[/b]

It does matter which one goes where as far as Sibelius seeing them. And I prefer to not include the VST dll files that have either ";8out"; or ";16out"; as part of the file name.

Amazingly, I managed to follow this brief advice and now have 5 loaded in Sibelius 7.  BUT. . .in the ";Playback Devices"; window, it is dimmed so I see it, but cannot select it.  What step am I missing?


Steve, you may have better luck at http://www.sibeliusforum.com since this isn't actually a VDL issue.  Make sure you are using the 32-bit VST with 32-bit Sibelius (all versions 6 and older) and 64 with 64 (option of running 64 or 32 with version 7)   

Dennis those are some incredible computer specs!
Hi Steve

You need to create a new configuration. Sibelius' playback config defaults don't allow for adding other devices.


And so I did. . .that part was incredibly easier than I could have imagined.  As always, thank you for your help.

Once you've activated an instance of KP5, double click the Sound Set field to get the drop down list. You should see and select ";VDL Template 7.0"; from the list. (All instances of KP5 that use the template will use this same sound set.)

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