I just bought the template new VDL template for  Finale 2012. Should the older key maps still be correct? The notes are entering correctly on the staff but are not where that used to be on my midi keyboard.
Those mappings have not changed. They are set by VDL and the Kontakt Player mapping. Describe what you mean by 'not where they used to be'? Check to make sure you haven't made any octave or transposition changes to the keyboard.
Well, I am using the korg nano key to enter my notes. The snare manual staff is actually correct. The tenor and bass lines (manual)  seem to be the problem. (EX...) If I am entering notes on the tenor staff in octave 1 (green light on) I can enter a C and get a hit on drum 4. This should be a hit on drum 1 according to my key maps.

I've checked the Percussion MIDI Maps on my end and don't see the problem. Since I don't use the same keyboard for entry, it's not possible for me to test that area. Do you see the same issue if you are using Simple or Speedy Entry? One of the features with Finale 2012 is that those Note Name Types should appear as you enter notes. You'll also be able to use the up/down arrows to cycle through note names moving up or down the staff.   
Everything seems to be in the correct place with either note entry method. I  checked within the kontakt player (while finale is open) and when I mash a key on my midi keyboard it shows up different on the small keyboard within the player. I think something is up with my midi keyboard but I can't imagine what it could be. However....When I just open the Kontakt player and load the tenors or basses it works fine. I can play a key on my midi keyboard and get the correct note. Its just not working when I am using it in finale??

Thanks for the testing. My guess is, without having the file, that something in the file for those 2 staves is causing a transposition. PM me and I can take a look at the file.
The MIDI keyboard may need to be reset back to its defaults.
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