Need resources on John Cage's "Speech 1955"

I am trying to track down info on John Cage's piece, ";Speech 1955.";
If anyone can direct me to some resources, I'd be grateful. I already
have the books, [u]Conversing with Cage[/u] and [u]Silence[/u]. Online resources
would be preferable.


You could try contacting Allen Otte at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He was/is a founding member of Blackearth Percussion Group and Percussion Group Cincinnati. Blackearth, especially, did a lot to promote Cage and Lou Harrison.
Thanks, Ted.  I emailed professor Otte.
Glad to help, let me know how things turn out.
Professor Otte responded, as have several others.
The piece is an obscure one and there does not
appear to be much info available on it.  Eugene
Novotney re-sent my email and is seeing if
any of his colleagues can be of assistance.
Good to hear that you're getting responses. Believe it or not, I was an undergrad student of Allen's and Eugene Novotney was a year behind me as an undergrad.
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