Finale 2012 Articulations

Guys, I am Still working with Finale 2012 and getting my new templates going correctly. For some reason I am not getting any articulations when working with either of the VDL templates. For Example....when I want to add an accent, I click on the articulation tool and then the note and there are no articulations in the box at all to choose from. Any Ideas on why this is happening?
I'm seeing the same thing (Mac).

Do this:

1) Go to File menu > Load Library
2) Navigate to the Maestro Font folder
3) Select Articulations and click Open

Now try to add an Articulation.

You can re-save the template after doing this and the articulations should be available.

Thanks Justin for the reply and Chad for catching this one.

I'll make certain to correct this in the templates and post steps for correction at The Write Score.
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