adding bugle parts to a VDL score?

I'm working on converting an older DCI show into VDL.  I built all of the drumline parts for the opener, and it sounds great (once I fix my suspended cymbals it shall be super rad).  Anyways, I decided to add in the G Bugle parts because how will I learn without trying?

so I added the instruments to the score which was origininally created as the VDL Template 6.0b, and the pitches won't give me the correct octaves.  I realize that bugles are all written in treble clef (which I find strange, but I'll roll with it), but the sopranos above the line are all in red and I don't even think I'll be able to get the solo in there.  anyways, at least the sopranos and mellos play.  the lower tones on the  baris euphoniums won't play back and Contras won't play back at all. 

I tried to open up a normal sib score with bugles and the baris and euphoniums worked but my contras still wouldn't show up.

my questions is...why to my contras hate me :(

When adding an instrument like ";Soprano Bugle in G"; you can edit the instrument after pressing ";i"; to select the comfortable range and the transposition.  For the euph/contras you can drop the octaves by changing where middle-C is.  Also, check out the documentation on transposing scores.  That way you can always write in concert pitch.

You are also bound by the sample library you are using.  It's possible there isn't a high enough sample for a screaming-high DCI soloist.

You might have better luck at since this isn't a VDL issue or a writescore template issue.   
I'll try that next then :)

Thank you for the insight, I know its not necessarily a VDL/WS issue but wasn't sure if the interaction of sibelius sounds with the VDL template would have an impact.

also there's tons of smart people here :D

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