Assigning patch changes in Kontakt

I've been using Mainstage for my indoor group. Assigning patch change buttons on the midi controller is pretty basic. The issue with Mainstage is that it's a CPU hog. Is anyone using Kontakt? Is it possible to assign patch changes to your controller?

I've done this before. Running Kontakt in Standalone mode, assigning a collection of patches to an instrument bank. Using something like an [url=]Axiom 61[/url], I assigned its trigger pads to send a specific program change so that each pad/button on the controller was set to send its own unique program change message.

I suppose something similar could be accomplished with a cheaper [url=]Korg nanoPad[/url] which has 4 banks of 16 pads which would give you 64 pretty quickly assigngable patch changes.

In either case (M-Audio, NanoPad) they have applications that allow you to assign controller knob, slider, pad functions on screen, then upload those settings to the device.

Using Kontakt, the interface might not be as user-friendly as Mainstage, but I would suspect the resource allocation should be pretty decent.

Good luck!
I am pretty sure you can accomplish everything you are doing in Mainstage and Kontact with AudioMulch

I have very limited experience with this app but I do know in the short time I did use it. . .It was very efficient. Jim maybe able to tell you more about it. I also know that the interface is not nearly as intuitive. But you will be able to assign your controllers to do just about anything you want them to do. Hope that helps.
I haven't used Audiomulch before, but it looks like a pretty awesome piece of software. Thanks for sharing, Robbie!!
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