Adding lyrics or percussion stickings to grace notes

I have been trying to find a way to add
lyrics to grace notes.  For those of
you who might be interested:

From Daniel Spreadbury . . .

Well, to be precise, the lyric on the grace note is a different
syllable from the regular note, but from the same word.

You can't attach lyrics to grace notes because they don't have rhythmic
positions in the bar (technically speaking). So your options are to use
grace note *sized* notes (e.g. by making the bar a little longer using
Create > Bar > Other and putting in the ";grace notes"; using small
noteheads) or to attach the lyric to the actual rhythmic note (as
Sibelius wants to), then drag it leftwards (you can then attach the next
syllable to the same rhythmic note if necessary).

If anyone has discovered an easier way, please do post!

Are you using Finale or Sibelius?

In Finale adding text for stickings to grace notes is possible by treating the grace note as note entry rather than as an articulation. This also allows for the grace note to be heard during playback.
Ted--I use Sibelius.

Should I wish to stick grace notes (I usually leave them out for clarity for flams because the sticking is always obvious based on the sticking for the main note) I go with Daniel's drag-it-to-the-left approach. For the number of grace notes in a typical percussion composition this usually takes a trivial amount of time.

If you are dealing with something with lots of graces notes I could see why it perhaps should be a bit more automated to make things easier.

If you are sticking flams and you want to do it in a bit of a lazy way you could always attach the sticking ";rL"; or ";lR"; to the main note in each flam.
Thought that was the case Neal. Just checking though.
I did a lyric 2 entry and dragged the stickings underneath
the grace notes. I was inputting the fourth section of
";The Downfall of Paris"; and the drag figures/grace notes
needed their stickings specified, thus the reason for my
post. Thanks to everyone for their help.
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