Kontakt Displaying as white screen

Hello all. Ive recently migrated to 2 new machines and as always little issues pop up.

Currently my KP5 (it happens with KP2, and Kontakt 4 as well) displays as a white box rather than the graphic interface. The stand alone versions are fine, only happens when used as a plugin with Sibelius.

I searched Sibs forums, and this one to no avail. A Google search led me to a monitor adjustment recommendation, but that didn't work.

I know its something simple...what am I missing?
this is happening on both computers?  Can you post a screenshot?
Something you might want to test is whether or not this happens when running Sibelius in 32-bit mode versus 64-bit mode. Let us know if you find one method yields different results over the other.
My apologies for my no-response to this topic. The end of the indoor season time-crunch is on, and I havent had time to continue diagnosing my problem.

Thanks all for the responses, I will post screenshots etc. soon.
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