Sizz but no suck

Hi all. Using Sibelius 6.2, Kontakt Player 2, VDL 2.5.2, The Write Score VDL Template 7.0 on 64-bit Vista Home Premium. Audio interface is Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver (ASIO) with Scarlett 2i2.

On the Cymbal Line All (MW) instrument, the sizz/suck sounds seem to be configured to do ";sizz"; on Note On, and ";suck"; on Note Off. That seems to be how they work when I click on the onscreen keyboard in Kontakt Player 2.

But when I play my Sibelius score, I get a neverending ";sizz";, and the ";suck"; doesn't occur until I push the spacebar to stop playback. I tried manually sending note on/off messages using the technique text ";~N73,127"; and ";~O73,127";, but I got the same result: sizz but no suck until I stop playback. Is the Note Off message not being sent/received? Or does the problem lie somewhere else?
It sounds like something in the way the music was entered may be causing the ";note off"; message to be activated. A few things that can cause this:

A CC64 message is being instigated (this is the controller for the sustain pedal). To test this, you may want to enter a hidden command prior to the sizz/suck entry (~C64,1).

An unresolved tie is causing the note to remain unreleased.

Be sure the notehead is the same on the initiating note as well as the release note. If this yields a suck that is too late, you can adjust it using Sibelius's ";live start position"; functions.
I have the same issue and am using Sibelius 6.2, VDL 2.5, thewritescore template 7.0.  I also have the DVD ";Virtual Drumline Demystified"; and followed the steps in Sibelius Lesson> Marching Cymbals>On/off triggering. I want the sizz to happen on the & and the suck to happen on the beat.  If I put 8th note rests on the beat it the sizz/suck plays back fine, however, I would like the suck to be notated.  So, I inputted the sizzes on the &'s and inputed, hi hat choke sounds on the downbeat with a slur, changed hi hat notes to not play the downbeat notes by unchecking the ";play on pass"; boxes 1 and 2.  I am not sure the the CC64 command means or how to input it into sibelius.  If I take the slurs off of the &'s it seems to play back correctly but I would like to have the slur from the & to the downbeat as described in the DVD.  How do I fix this?  Thanks for the help!!     
Bryan used a [b]tie[/b] instead of a [b]slur[/b] in the video. Give that a shot and let us know.
I tried the [b]tie[/b] and that is what seems to be causing the issue.  If I take the tie out it seems to playback right. I put the tie in and there is a size sound and the suck never happens.  I would like to have that tie in their since that is what my kids are used to seeing.  Thanks for the help!!  We'll keep trying.
I have no idea how to address your specific issue but I hereby nominate you for Forum Topic Title of the Year!
Thanks Jim! Adding a ~C64,1 technique text before the sizz/suck seems to solve the problem. Now, I wonder why the sustain-pedal message is being sent? Is there a way to intercept and log the raw MIDI data that's being sent from Sibelius to Kontakt Player / VDL?
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