Step by step merging Sibelius 7 and VDL 2.5.2 for Windows 7


I need help getting VDL 2.5.2 to work in Sibelius 7. I have bought the templates from The Write Score. When I bought VDL, I ordered the bundle with VDL Demystified, so I have also watched that and tried to follow those instructions to the best of my ability.

My specs are:
Sibelius 7
VDL 2.5.2
Template 7.0
Windows 7 Operating System
64 bit DDR3

So far all I have been able to do is download and install all the programs and software, update them to coordinating versions, and try to move the VST Plugin file ";KontaktPlayer2.dll"; into Sibelius or Avid VST Plugin folder.

I need VDL to work inside of Sibelius 7, but so far nothing has joined together. I'm not sure what I need to do with the templates yet.

I haven't been able to figure out what I missed or what I might have done wrong. Most of the posts I find are for Mac, but I need something for Windows 7. What do I need to do or move around file wise in order to join my programs?

I'm sure this is posted somewhere and the information is out there and I know I must have overlooked it but can someone please point me in the right direction.

Thank You,

Michel Wimberly
Hi Michel,

Sibelius 7 is somewhat new, and isn't compatible with Kontakt Player 2. Instead, you should use Kontakt 5. It's downloadable for [url=]free from the Native Instruments website[/url].

Also, in order for Kontakt 5 to work properly with Sibelius 7, you should be sure to update Sibelius to version 7.1. You should be able to do this directly within the Sibelius application itself.

Most of the information you've been viewing on the VDL Demystified DVD will still apply. I think you're just needing to be working with these later versions since you're using Sibelius 7 and Windows 7.
Thank you Jim

I'm trying to upgrade to 7.1 now but am not sure exactly how. I typed in my information and my Activation ID where it said to do the upgrade but it said it was invalid. So I sent a message on the Sibelius forum to help me out with that.

Thank you for your help.

I just realized I posted this in the wrong section.

Sorry guys...
No worries, Michel.

Were you able to get the update figured out with Sibelius? I'm not sure I could specifically walk you through that, but I think the Avid registration system should guide you through the process.
OK, As far as I understand I know have Kontakt Player 5 and Sibelius 7.1. I'm going to try to go through Demystified again.

Is the fact that I have a 64 bit computer significant? All I should need to do now is move some files around, right? Also, when or will I have to mess with the templates?

Thanks Again, Michel Wimberly
Both Sibelius 7.1 and Kontakt 5 are 64-bit compatible, so you should be fine there.

You'll want to copy the Kontakt 5.dll file and paste it into the folder where Sibelius is looking for VSTs. The Kontakt 5 DLL file is usually located in your program files folder under Native Instruments>VSTPlugins. If you're searching, perhaps try it with a space (Kontakt 5.dll).

If it's not there, it's possible you didn't install the VST plugin when you ran the Kontakt 5 installer. Rerun the installer and leave things set to their defaults, and it should be there.

Once you've located the Kontakt 5.dll file, you'll need to copy it to the folder where Sibelius 7 wants to find it. This is only necessary if you're using Windows. Copy that .dll file to [b]C:>Programs>Sibelius Software>VST Plugins[/b] and you should be all set.

Thank you so very very much! It finally works and I can finally relax!

However, on a side note, I couldn't find VSTPlugins under Sibelius Software. I had to open the C drive on My Computer, go to Program Files, open Avid, click on VSTPlugins folder listed under the Sibelius 7 folder, and then paste the Kontakt5.dll file inside of the VSTPlugins folder.

Even though my path was a little different I think it ended up in the same place, but I don't really know why. Maybe because of Windows 7? I'm just glad it works.

Thanks Again! Michel Wimberly
Thanks for clarifying this, Michel. Sorry for leading you down the wrong path with that folder. I think I may have been thinking of earlier versions of Sibelius, or possibly a different version of Windows. I'm glad you were able to get it sorted out, and thanks for letting us know.
[quote author=NSUdrummer link=topic=4296.msg22418#msg22418 date=1333055971]
Even though my path was a little different I think it ended up in the same place, but I don't really know why. Maybe because of Windows 7? I'm just glad it works.

The directory path that Jim gave you is somewhat generic (he's a Mac guy). Since Sibelius is now ";a part of Avid";, they've added that to their path structure. In fact, as you've noticed, these don't go into any sort of ";Sibelius"; labeled folder anymore.

[b]Vista & Windows 7[/b]
64 bit VSTs go into: C:\Program Files\Avid\VSTPlugins
32 bit VSTs go into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Avid\VSTPlugins
Indeed, my Macness may have led you a bit astray here. :) Sorry about that! Thanks for clarifying, Hugh!
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