Finale 2012 Articulation Question (Again)

First of all, I am using finale 2012 on my macbook pro with the new template for vdl. For some reason I can't use the shortcut to add articulations like an accent to a note while working within the template. For example I am supposed to select the articulation tool, hold down the letter ";A"; and add an accent to a note. For some reason its not working while using the template. I can open a new document (not using the template or vdl) and it works fine. Any ideas on this one?
Go to File > Load Library > Maestro Font > Articulations. Now try a metatool (like A for accent). Same results?
Same thing.
I noticed that after reloading the Articulation Library as Ted had instructed (see Write Score Forum) that the meta-tools we are used to seeing pre-programmed in Finale are not pre-programmed (if you open the selection menu, the metatool symbols and letters are absent).  So its a blank slate for metatools.  I'm not sure if there is a way to correct this in the Library file. 

Todd, Chad,

Sorry to this happening. I'll also look into the issue.
Not a big deal for me Ted ... but if you figure something out, I'd be interested.
Same here Ted. If you figure something out please let me know. I need all the shortcuts I can get.
I know this doesn't help you find the missing metatools, but you should be able to program your own. I've not tried the process, so I can't say how simple or complicated it could be to create the tolls.
Its very easy to program them yourself and I usually do that anyway for the ones I use the most.  I would say less than a dozen are typically found in any of my scores.  Like I said, not a big deal.  Thanks for checking it out Ted.
Can you tell me how to program them? Just a few would be helpful in writing. Like accents and such..
Nevermind guys! I googled it. here is a link for others...
I have been experiencing the same thing and have been programming my own metatool keystrokes as needed. It is fairly low maintenance to do so.

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