Wrong Playback sound

I'm running Sibelius 7, VDL 2.5, and Kontakt player 2.  Everything is updated to it's latest version.

I've recently run across a strange issue with VDL playing back a choked cymbal sound in random staves.  If I try reloading the same item by starting a new instrument it will work, but the choked sound travels into a new staff.  So no matter what I try I have a choked cymbal sound playing back in one of my staves.  It's a very weird, annoying issue.  Not quite sure if it's a Sibelius or VDL issue.  I don't think I'm doing anything differently then the past.  Any info would be great!

- Ben
I don't think Kontakt Player 2 works with Sibelius 7. Are you sure this is what you're currently using?

It might help to do a little troubleshooting to see which staff is creating the errant cymbal choke sound. When you locate that, you might want to take a look at what instrument is loaded there.

Also, if you're using a template from The Write Score, you might want to try pasting your music into a fresh/clean template file. It's possible that one of your instrument's mapping definitions have become corrupt in your template file creating some unexpected playback results.
Thanks for the response!

Yes, I'm positive that I'm using Kontakt Player 2.  That's kind of strange that it works for me if it's not suppose to. 

I'll check to see if I can try reloading everything into a fresh template and mess around with it.  Wasn't sure if this was a normal problem or not.  Just thought I'd check with the Pros before I try figuring it out on my own. 
Ah. It may have something to do with whether you're running Sibelius 7 in 32bit or 64bit mode. That may be it.
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